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Are You Drowning in Debt?

Last week my husband’s company closed their doors. KahBlam! No warning, just gone. Oh, and did I mention, no severance at all…nada!!! Has this happened to you or someone you know? Recently?

Well, guess what. We are all in debt. Fully 95% of everyone you know is in debt. Sound bad? There’s more so keep reading. Basically all of us either: a) own our own business, b) work for someone else, or c) are unemployed, right?  Let’s take a minute and break this down.

a) Own our own traditional business: Our sales are down! In fact, they are WAY down! We’ve had to lay off all or most of the employees, and are trying to keep the doors open by working the business every day ourselves. We can’t pay our vendors, can’t afford inventory and are struggling to pay the lease and utilities so we can stay open. Personal or family time is not even on the list!!!

b) Work for someone else: Ok, here’s the rub. Someone else is in control of our time and income. They are telling us what we are worth and how much time we have to give them. And here’s the best part; there’s absolutely no job security.

c) Unemployed: You are without a job. It’s scary, it’s humbling and you’re angry! Enter Uncle Sam. If you are lucky and logged enough time at your job you will receive limited, roughly half of what you used to make, and temporary benefits. If you are not so lucky you will get nothing at all. The job market is abysmal at best. I mean the appliance repair companies are laying off! Tough times are ahead. You start to wonder if finding yourself homeless is the next thing coming.

d) Retired:

Worried? Concerned? Now you are wondering, “Options, don’t I have options? Yes. There are always options, but there aren’t that many good ones. Some offer the chance to get right back into the rat race with the same lack of control. Now you ask, “What choices do I have other than hitting the job market? There ARE alternative options so why don’t many pursue them? Well, many of us are not taught to think outside the box. We are taught to follow the same tried and true path our parents and grandparents followed. We were told: Go to school! Get an education! Graduate and then find a job that can pay off your student loans! No job available? Keep looking! Still no job, then go back to school! It’s a viscous cycle that DOES NOT WORK!

I know it doesn’t work because I have seen my daughter get laid off three times in the last five years, going back to school and taking certification courses in between jobs.  I have seen my son graduate from a prestigious college with no prospect for a job to follow. I have seen my family rise and fall on the economic roller coaster only to be found waiting in line at the bottom for an unemployment ticket so that we may all ride the market again.  It’s disturbing, it’s terrifying, and it’s exhausting.

So now you want to hear about alternative options. Ok, but first you must be willing to accept that the world has changed. Our country’s current financial and economic climate does not support the business strategies and practices that have been in play for the past 10, 20, 30 or more years. We continue to follow the same path, do the same things, and then wonder why we aren’t getting ahead. That’s the definition of insanity. Yeah, so now that we are all on the same page, let’s explore the hottest alternative option on the planet at this time…Network Marketing! Hold on, hold on…stay in your seats. I know I dared to bring up the big ‘Taboo’. Remember, we are exploring alternatives to the job market chaos and we will address each of your questions and concerns.


To Be Continued….I have the flu :(



Negative Hype vs. Achieving Diva Desires

“I wasn’t always a believer in the MLM way of life.  I used to be just like you.”

How many times have we heard this phrase time and again out of the big shot money earners in any multi-level marketing industry?  Why is it that this phrase is always repeated over and over again as though they must let us know that they too were once one of us?  One of the underpaid, over credit indulged slaves of corporate society.

Clearly, they feel that they must identify with our deepest negative self in order to bring forth the self that wants something more out of life.  You know the one I mean:  that perfect self you imagine, slender and fabulous, emerging long-legged out of a brand new Mercedes SLK in cherry red with inky black leather interior, in a stunning new Prada dress with a perfect pair of brand new Manolo Blahniks and your new, just-off-the-runway, Birkin bag……..okay, well, maybe that’s just MY perfect self.  You get the point. We all have our material vices that would be dreamy to own, wear, have, drive, travel to, etc.

Imagine your perfect self here…..

The point is, why is it that every single one of us living today in American society are so quick to jump to the conclusion that someone would rather screw us out of the downtrodden lives we are currently living than believe someone would lend us a hand? Don’t we want (and even long for) opportunities to be the best version of ourselves?  It seems especially disappointing when the invitation you reject upon mention is to be in business with your family and/or best friends – the highest believers in your abilities and future successes.

I say we get off our proverbial high horses of staunch negativity toward unconventional financial gain and start believing in ourselves as much as the people around us do.  After all, the gamble is leaving behind the ball and chain of cubicles and inconvenient travel schedules and bad bosses for everything we have always dreamed.

Seriously, how bad could that really be?

~Diva Krystel


Viva la Diva in 2012!

The New Year is HERE and we are LIVE!

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Remember Divas…

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Happy Holidays & Designer Dreams, Divas!

Our favorite holiday is here! Every Diva LOVES December for it is a time of glitzy, shiny, glamorous decor (both on and off the throne)!

Indulge your fabulous self this holiday season with a designer martini from your favorite glam girls!

And remember Divas…..Don’t Drink and Dress!!!!

WHITE CHRISTMAS EGGNOG MARTINI Recipe on Original Art Recipe Card


Thanksgiving Preparation

Please excuse our mess!  We will be providing fabulous ideas and insights by the end of the week.

Until then, ponder this…….

It’s the week before Thanksgiving and there is much to be done!
As a Diva is never unprepared for a festival of food, fashion and family, do you know where YOUR tiara is?

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